The Valaidor hand grab is designed to be strong and user friendly.

If the green LED is on, it is safe to use.

Valaidor. The dependable suction hand grab that puts safety within easy reach” ®.


One touch attach, one touch release

So easy to use - it simply requires the press of a button to attach to the wall or release.

Alternative support

It will not leave marks or holes in your walls – a safe alternative to fixed rails when renting, travelling or recovering from surgery.

Robust and versatile

The casing is ABS plastic– used in construction hard hats so it is strong, light weight and weather-sealed. It is designed to be sturdy for portability.

Battery operated

The Valaidor is fitted with the highest grade medical and scientific components. It uses modern battery technology and an electronic control system for optimal pump performance and a long use time between recharging.

The suction

Custom-designed silicone rubber suction cups form a strong attachment on a variety of surfaces. The compliant design and constant vacuum monitoring allow it to function on some rough and misaligned surfaces.


The electronic system keeps a constant monitor on the level of suction. If it drops below the optimal level the system automatically acts to restore suction.

Multi function LED indicators

The LED indicators communicate when the unit is drawing or releasing suction, and when it is safe to use. It displays the battery charge level. There is also an audio alert for key operations.


The main hand grip has a resilient, textured rubber covering making it soft and slip-resistant. The body features finger pockets for a variety of grab points. It is suitable for both right and left hand use and in any orientation.

Australian design, Australian manufacture.

We at Gardienne are committed to local design and manufacture and use it wherever possible.