About Us

Gardienne is a new business specialising in advanced products for the assisted and independent living sectors; The Valaidor is our debut product. Our parent company, however, began trading in the early 60s and has a long and proud track record both in product development and high volume, automated manufacture. Our “Instant Industries” packaging brand is well known in its specialist sector, both in Australia and overseas.

“The Valaidor is something I am particularly passionate about.

When my mother contracted motor neuron disease, I noticed how conventional suction hand grabs gave her a little of the freedom she had always known. The trouble was, they were difficult for her to activate and she never knew how well they were attached. After too many trips to the emergency department, I decided that there had to be a better way. We set about designing something to address these issues

The Valaidor will be able to provide a higher level of ease and security for those who need a little support.”

Nicholas Gibbs
Managing Director and Development Team Leader